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Haverfordwest Ladies beginners thrive!

January 2013

PBA would like to introduce you to some of our Ladies beginners group currently being coached at Tasker Milward Sports Centre.  The group is loving every minute of it and intend to continue as a club once the course finishes.  Some have already started to go to other clubs as well and been showing off their new skills.


"I have been amazed at the progress shown by Sandra since she began her beginners lessons" says Tomos Shea-Waters who plays at St Davids Badminton Club. "Sandra came to us with her daughter initially and as we would for any beginner, we played a slower adapted game for her. But that couldn't last long as after a few of her lessons anything too slow and she began punishing us with her smash. All aspects of her game have improved since her coaching and now she is teaching us how we should be serving!


Details of the next coaching group will be released online asap.